David Thomas Dorer - Anytime Attorney

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About David

David Thomas Dorer is an attorney at the Dozier Law Firm in Macon, Georgia, and is dedicated to providing his clients with the kind of interaction they expect from an attorney that is going to be helping them with an accident case. David takes all types of accident cases including car wrecks, wrongful death, slip and falls, dog bites, medical malpractice, and more.
Inspired by the “tv-lawyer” ads that show big time advertising attorneys answering cell phones and rushing to the scene, David thought to himself “no one really does that; but, I would.” That’s why he makes sure that every client has his personal cell phone number: 478-227-3879.
David likes his clients to feel like he is there for them at all times. Some attorneys that practice personal injury law take up to 45% of what is recovered in a case, and never actually sit down and talk face to face with their clients. David is personable with his clients, and that’s why he gets repeat business. He’s also personable with jurors, and that’s why he gets results.
Car accidents are tricky, and its not about whether or not your attorney can get you a quick fast settlement — it’s about whether your attorney will hold the insurance company’s feet to the fire and take the case to trial to get you what you deserve. David has successfully tried cases resulting in judgments of $175,000.00. This means that top insurers around the country are more likely to take a case that David has filed suit on more seriously.
Insurance companies know David Dorer means business. You need someone on your side who knows how to win in court, because anyone can settle out of court. Don’t just go with an attorney that settles every case. Make your attorney work hard for you to get you top dollar.
If you’re going to make one call, it might as well be the right call. Talk to an attorney first. 478-227-3879.